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Privacy Policy

1. Marín Giménez has designed a privacy policy, established the means and procedures necessary to carry it out.

According to the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data (Law 15/1999 of 13 December), personal information means "any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person."

The only personal data which Marín Giménez have access are those supplied voluntarily by users. In this regard it is important that the user knows that for to register with certain products / services offered via the Web, you request personal information. In cases and in the data where as expressly provided to the user / client, if not provided, he may not access or use these services and contents. The data are collected by voluntary Marín Giménez the purpose indicated in the Data Protection clause is included below. The privacy policies of each of the companies belonging to marín Giménez be included in the respective Web Legal Notices of their own.

In compliance with current regulations, Marín Giménez has adopted the technical and organizational measures to maintain the level of security required for personal data. It also has the precise mechanisms at its disposal to prevent, as far as possible against unauthorized access, illicit removal and modifications and the loss of data.

However, if you post personal information online that is publicly accessible, you may receive unsolicited messages from other people and that their data will therefore be known by others.

For all the above, you are advised to exercise care in this matter and the use of all the security tools available to it and is not responsible Marín Giménez removal, modification or loss of illicit data.

The user has legally recognized the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, if any, to their personal data may exercise these rights by writing to the address on the Data Protection Clause is collected later. In the same way at any time may revoke the authorization granted for the use or transfer of your data, without prejudice to the right of a Marín Giménez to terminate the contract or transaction in question, when such data are essential for the proper to them. You can also modify the data through Web pages, has been provided to Marín Giménez in the manner indicated therein.

2. Data Protection Clause.

A. - 1. The user, in the case of individuals, are informed that their personal data, which Marín Giménez Hermanos, S.A has access as a result of inquiries, transactions, operations, contract solicitation, procurement of goods and services that occur by any means or computer processes for registered data are included in the corresponding file Marín Giménez Hermanos, S.A, enabling it treatment of those required for use in connection with the development of the operation or service to be binding.

A. - 2. Marín Giménez also expressly authorize, SL to use their data for the supply and contracting of products and services as well as the development of commercial activities, whether general or tailored to their personal characteristics. These commercial activities may be conducted by electronic mail or other means of electronic communication.

A. - 3. Similarly, the user authorizes the communication or transfer of said data to companies belonging to the same object Marín Giménez indicated in the preceding paragraphs, for which he issues they express authorization for the use of e-mail or equivalent. Interested parties are informed that the assignment takes place at this very moment to the Companies whose names, activities and business address listed below. In the case of subsequent assignments on behalf of other Group companies, the parties agree that Marín Giménez Hermanos, S.A communicates these assignments to interested in the usual way used to inform them of the services that have contracted with this company.

A. - 4. The user is informed of their right to oppose, access, correction and cancellation of personal data under the terms of the Act, may exercise these rights in writing by a letter containing a copy of your passport, and addressed to Service Customer Service, Marín Giménez Hermanos, S.A., being responsible for the file Marín Giménez Hermanos, S.A

B. Users may revoke that would have given to the use or transfer of personal data, except as provided in paragraph A.1 of this clause is mandatory, in the same manner provided in Section A.4 above.

3. Cookies Policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file stored on a user’s computer/smart phone/tablet when visiting some Web pages in
order to collect and recover information of users’ preferences. Web browsing (cookies).

Marin Giménez uses the following cookies on this site:

  • Analytical cookies: Those controlled by us or by third party that are used to measure the number of users in order to statistically analyse the use of the services offered. Browsing habits on the website are analysed in order to improve products and services offered.

How to manage cookies on my PC
Google Chrome

In menu “Tools” select “Options.
In section “Privacy”, click the button Content “Setting” and press OK.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0

Click on “Tools”, select “Internet Options” and then, click “Privacy” tab. To enable cookies, make sure your privacy level is set medium or low. Click on “Apply” and later press OK.

Mozilla Firefox

In menu “Tools” select “Internet Options” and then, select Privacy icon and choose the settings you want to make.


Select “Preferences” on Setting menu and then click on “Privacy”. Choose adjustments desired and click on “Save”.

How to manage cookies on my Mac
Safari on OSX

Click on ‘Safari’ at the top of menu bar and select the ‘Preferences’ option.
Click on “Security” and then “Accept cookies”

Mozilla and Netscape on OSK
Click on “Mozilla” or “Netscape” at the top of menu bar and select the ‘Preferences’ option.
Click on “Privacy and security”


4. Form for staff selection process

According to the Organic Law 15/1999of 13th December on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform that all personal data, collected from this communication, will be incorporated into a Recruitment file own by Marin Giménez, entity which you may contact to by the following mail address: Carretera de Caravaca, Km 1, 30440, Moratalla, Murcia (Spain), or e-mail address:
The purpose of this file is to manage data for selection process. Marin Giménez assures the adoption of all measures needed to treat personal data according to current legislation about Protection of Personal Data. The applicant knows and expressly agrees the treatment of its data. The user is informed that he/she must fully complete the form with exact and real data.
The user will be the only responsible for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, which may be caused to Marin Giménez or any third party due to a wrong and an untruthful form filling. 


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