“Innovation is a process that companies need” | Marín Giménez

“Innovation is a process that companies need”

Interview with Francisco Marin, Managing director of Marín Giménez, at Nova Magazine
Francisco Marín is the managing director of Marín Giménez, a traditional canning firm from Murcia created in the 50s that in the mid-90s decided to walk down the path of technology and innovation. The company specializes in products for the food industry, operating in over 30 countries worldwide and
approaching innovation as a key factor of their business model.
Marín Giménez has received a number of awards from the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia, the CTC (Food and Canning Technology Center) and INFO (Regional Development Agency of Murcia). Facts speak volumes about the firm's success: It exports nearly 100% of production, accounting for 50,000 tons of processed fruit yearly and employing an average of 300 people that increases to 600 during the fruit harvesting season. We spoke about innovation, competitiveness and food with Francisco Marín.
You can see the full interview at No. 29 of the magazine Nova

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