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Marín Giménez grows together with the latest technology

The company strengthens its leadership in the packed fruit market by investing great quantities in the last generation equipments.
Globalization, competence and new market requirements have forced the company to reconsider its strategies. Marín Giménez Hnos. S.A. started working in R&D few years ago in order to accelerate its modernization.
From its beginning, the company has focused its activity in fruit processing for industrial use, basically apricot, peach and tomato. Marín Giménez has been continuously increasing its presence in foreign markets. In the last 25 years, the company has invested in the latest technology, allowing it to develop new production processes. The investments have helped it become the leading company on the production of aseptic packed fruits, with an annual production average of 50,000 tonnes of fruits. 
Marín Giménez has research agreements subscribed with public and private bodies, as well as with local and international technology centres in order to introduce in a quick way the latest progresses. Furthermore, it is developing a new range of products with differentiated organoleptic qualities and that are destined to promote healthy eating.

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