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Marín Giménez yearly grows 5,000 tonnes of fruits coming from its own cultivations. These fruits are carefully selected and immediately processed from their harvest, whilst maintaining their freshness and natural properties, obtaining a highest quality final product.

The company manufactures products coming from these fields under the strict control of production rules according to the European Union regulations for Baby Food.

Traceability and food safety are basic concepts in any of Marín Giménez productions made from its own fruit cultivations, groves care every day with the aim of offering to its clients a finished product with unique qualities. 

Cardboard drum (approx. 212 Kg.)
4 drums per pallet
Metal drum (approx. 218 Kg.)
4 drums per pallet
  (Others, check)


Products   Uses

Carrot Puree
Apricot Puree
Peach Puree
Pear Puree
Artichoke Puree
Baby Food
Storage   Shelf Life
They must be stored indoors and in closed areas, protected from rain, humidity, high temperature and, generally, from any adverse condition which may damage the product.  

Products’ shelf life is 18 months from date of production. Once opened, keep products refrigerated for no more than 5 days. 



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