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Sustainability and corporative social responsability

Marín Giménez wants to grow in a sustainable way so that it not only carries the environmental legislation compliance through, but also it goes one step forward and commits itself to the minimization of energy resources consumption and their use optimization.
Marín Giménez is considered a transparent company towards its impact in the environment for what it works in a process of calculating carbon footprint from its activity. 
One of the activities carried out to reduce carbon footprint has been the use of natural gas instead of fuel for steam generation, by installing a gasification satellite plant of liquefied natural gas; as well as obtaining up to 25% of electrical energy consumed through own production renewable energies. 
Marín Giménez has an industrial waste water treatment system for the purification of its liquid effluents according to the current waste legislation. It has nowadays a treatment capacity of 3,000 m3 /day. High quality parameters in wastewater which exceed legal requirements have been achieved thanks to this system. 
The working philosophy of Marín Giménez combines both the productivity and job’s security. For that purpose, the company has a work risk prevention management system implemented since15 years ago, with the support of a joint prevention service and a work risk prevention department.
The company’s preventive policy is spread to all its workers through the training, information and awareness of each job post in order to achieve that all employees work as safely as possible. 
Our company’s staff is composed of employees coming from the Northwest Region of Murcia, which makes us into one of the main source of wealth within this area. 

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