The company has an outstanding record of fulfilling its responsability to employees customers and the environment
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Marín Giménez is located in the most important and promising agricultural production region of Europe. Its more than sixty years of activity provide the company with a great business relations solvency and the full control of raw materials supply.

The company has adopted a vertical integration model of the activity by cultivating own agricultural fields; so as to secure stability and safety when supplying, always with the highest quality conditions and fruit varieties adaptation required by the industry.

To make it possible, Marín Giménez has undertaken investments in both production infrastructures and the extension of apricot and peach cultivations. These two stone fruits are majority within Marín Giménez range of products, being at the same time the most suitable fruits for the fresh production in the region where the company is located.



Marín Giménez currently owns more than 350 fruit tree cultivation hectares. In the planning production, fruit varieties location has been differentiated taking into account the most appropriate weather conditions for each of them, the organoleptic properties and the harvest calendar.