The facilities are located in the most important agricultural production region un Europe with opportunity for increasing production volumes
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Sustainability and corporative social responsability

As a part of the Supply Chain, Marín Giménez commits itself to ethical trade through the integration of the Corporative Social Responsibility in this Chain.

In this way, Marín Giménez extends its ethical and responsible principles and rules to all collectives with whom it is related to: Partners, Clients, Workers, Suppliers and subcontractors, Public Administrations and Society.

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This commitment is made public in the Conduct Code, a declaration of intent that is made of all these acting principles and rules.

As a SEDEX member, Marín Giménez uses SMETA 4 PILLARS for the implementation of the Corporative Social Responsibility in the organization, which collects the Ethical Business Practice 4 pillars: Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.



Ethical code

Marín Giménez is considered a transparent company towards its impact in the environment, for what it works in a process of carbon footprint calculation from its activity and minimizes the consumption of energy resources by the optimization of their use.

With the aim of practically reducing to 0 greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, Marin Gimenez carries out activities for reducing carbon footprint through the implementation of biomass boiler, which covers more than 90% of total production, as well as by the use of solar panels for producing around 9% of the electricity consumed.

Marín Giménez has an industrial waste water treatment system for the purification of its liquid effluents according to the current waste legislation. It has nowadays a treatment capacity of 3,000 m3 /day. High quality parameters in wastewater which exceed legal requirements have been achieved thanks to this system having water suitable for its use in irrigation.